Utah: Stand with Arizona on Illegal Alien Law

Posted by Marty Jensen

The following is an email I sent to Utah legislators May 22, 2010.


Dear Representative Greiner,

The State of Utah should join with the State of Arizona in adopting laws which will enforce immigration laws which are not being enforced by the Federal government.

Recently, the State of Arizona passed SB 1070 the “Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act,” a law to adopt enforcement of Federal immigration laws within the state of Arizona. I support Arizona in this law and believe that Utah should enact similar legislation. It provides law enforcement with the ability to follow through in a logical manner when they encounter illegal aliens in the normal course of their police work. The essence of the law is that such persons will be detained and transported to the custody of the United State Immigration and Customs Enforcement or the United States Customs and Border Protection. The law also addresses human trafficking and drugs. The law further provides procedures and penalties to employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens. I have attached a copy of the Arizona law for your review.

As reported in the Deseret News on May13, 2010, a majority of Utahans polled support the Arizona law and would back similar laws. While Utah currently has immigration enforcement laws, these laws could be strengthened. According to Ufire.net, compliance with SB 81 has been abysmally low: a majority of Utah public employers such as school districts are ignoring the law. The same source reports that only 2% of Utah employers use the E-verify system. Utah must enforce its laws.

Since the Federal government has failed to adequately enforce immigration laws and stem the flow of illegal aliens from Mexico into Arizona and the United States, Arizona has been forced to act. Utah must stand with Arizona and other states in holding the Federal government responsible for the discharge of its duties. Utah must stand with Arizona and other states in resisting abuses of power by the Federal government. The rights of the states and of the people have been progressively trampled upon by the Federal government; unity with Arizona will send the right message to Washington, which is the State of Utah stands for the Constitutional rights of the states and the people. The State of Utah stands against encroachments of Federal abuses on the State and its people.

As my representative, I urge you to continue to lead out in this vital matter, as you did so with SB 81. Sponsor a similar bill or resolution putting the nation on notice that we stand with Arizona.

Thank you,

Marty Jensen

Note to readers: here is a link to Arizona's new illegal alien law.

Sanctions Against Iran - Bad Move, Congress

Posted by Marty Jensen

The Honorable Rob Bishop
House of Representatives
123 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515-4401

Re: Why sanction Iran?

Dear Representative Bishop:

Why are we sanctioning Iran? We do not want war with Iran - there is no reason or justification for war with Iran. Sanctions move us closer to war. Why are you doing this? Iran has not violated the nuclear arms treaty it has signed. War with Iran is even more foolish than war with Iraq--we were dragged into war with Iraq under false pretenses. The blood of hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqi's is on our hands. Let's not allow ourselves to again be duped into war against a nation which has not made war on the U.S.

Thanks for your reply,

Marty Jensen

Will This Be My Last Letter?

Posted by Marty Jensen

The following is an email sent to Senator Robert F. Bennett, R-Utah on April 19, 2010. It may very well be the last letter I write to Senator Bennett. -- Marty Jensen


I know what you want Senator. You want to prevent the coming entitlement freight train wreck which will soon be upon us, unless we begin addressing it now. While I support you in this cause, and as important as this issue is, there is a root-cause, foundational issue of even greater importance: government going beyond the bounds set for it in the Constitution, the result of which is a plethora of social and world problems.

You must admit that we would have no coming entitlement freight train wreck had the federal government adhered to the boundaries set for it in the Constitution. Having not done so earlier, we are now reaping the whirlwind.

So let's say you are reelected and you do get to shed much light on this urgent and serious problem, and perhaps even cap, curtail, or eliminate entitlements as you propose. Like the little boy sticking his finger in the dike, you have plugged a hole. Thank you very much for your leadership in this cause. However, in the meantime, your fellow politicians are poking other holes in the dike in the same manner in which this hole was created: by ignoring, disregarding, or scorning constitutional limits on federal government powers.

I have written you before and I have had dialog with you in open public meetings. I have begged you--yes, begged you--to take the principled positions which would allow and encourage me to support you. I have told you that I want you to be my man in Washington. Specifically, if and when you take an uncompromising, principled, and outspoken position on constitutional principles, I am with you, and I believe a majority of Utahans will join us.

Without a revolutionary about-face, I will no longer be supporting Senator Bennett. This is a time in history for a bold, unconventional and unprecedented restoration of constitutional principles. This is a time to break with the Washington pack and join with Utahans in demanding a constitutional restoration. I urge you with all the force I have to be the James Madison and/or Thomas Jefferson of our day! Your whole life has led you to this opportunity and you have a choice: be just another player in the tired old bi-partisan band, or go down in history as a principle star in the constitutional fight of our generation. If you truly change and become the constitutional champion of the people of Utah, you will have the support of an awakened, energetic constituency. The Mike Lees and Cheryl Eagers of the campaign will have nothing to offer! You will have excited grass-roots support with cheering supporters at every town meeting you hold. The press won't know what to make of it; "Senator from Utah joins Tea Partiers and pledges to fight for constitutional principles." or “Senator Bennett arrives home to hundreds of cheering constituents." Wouldn't it be great to have town meetings where you received standing ovations instead of spending two hours defending yourself?

This is your time, Senator, and I pray to our Heavenly Father that you will seize this day and join with "we the people" in our fight to restore the Constitution and its righteous principles. Your immediate, vigorous, passionate, and genuine embrace of constitutional principles above all else will mark the day that Robert Bennett's name was added to the list of the outstanding patriots of the United States of America.

In closing, God bless you and your family. You have made a tremendous effort and sacrifice for our nation. I believe wholeheartedly that you are a good man, and I respect you. In the upcoming weeks, I will monitor your public announcements in the hopes of a profound and revolutionary transformation of the politician to patriot. I do not want to join forces with another candidate, but if you don't hear again from me, it will be because I've done all I can to sway you. I will be supporting the candidate who most strictly honors the oath of office to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America."

Best regards,

Marty Jensen

Is America Becoming a Police State?

Posted by Marty Jensen

Is America Becoming a Police State?

Utah Governor Gary Herbert: Individual Liberty and States' Rights

Posted by Marty Jensen

Governor Herbert,

In your State of the State Address you said:

"Several weeks ago, I traveled to Washington D.C. and met with top leaders in Congress and at the White House. I strongly emphasized that the federal government should not do what state governments are already doing well in areas such as health care. The continued encroachment of the federal government into our businesses, our lives and our pocketbooks must be challenged."

I'm sure you'll agree that “doing well” isn’t what makes certain areas the business of the State—it is our U.S. Constitution—and that “doing poorly” doesn’t justify federal intervention in state affairs.

Through the Supreme Court’s absurd interpretation of the Commerce Clause and other perversions of the U.S. Constitution, the Federal Government has increasingly voided citizens' unalienable rights as advocated in the Declaration of Independence. The Federal Government's disregard for the principles of liberty as envisioned by the Founders is alarming. Our nation is increasingly becoming a fascist, socialistic country. As we do so, we are moving towards an Orwellian police state. We see decreasing efforts to preserve our national sovereignty and a corresponding acceptance of global governance. Our liberties will surely be lost if we trade our national values for a compromising mix of global values.

The role of state governments in protecting our liberties and our nation's sovereignty is more important now than it has ever been. This issue is not merely academic: bailouts, stimulus plans, government takeovers of businesses, warrantless wiretapping, sneak-and-peek searches, unconscionable public debt, wars which Congress has not declared, the welfare state, illegal detention of prisoners without habeas corpus, torture of prisoners, ignoring the principle of posse comitatus, illegal seizing of firearms, and the Federal Government’s relentless usurpation of state prerogatives. The situation is becoming dire--we must act before it becomes too late.

As a sovereign state, Utah has both a duty and a privilege to protect the liberties of its citizens. This is a call to action. As our governor, I ask you to:

(1) Help educate Utahns to the reality and danger of federal usurpation of powers, the resulting loss of liberty, and states' rights.

(2) Speak out on the issues of individual liberty and states' rights.

(3) Use the powers of nullification to void federal mandates and encroachments.

(3) Sign S.B. 11 Utah State-Made Firearms Protection Act and encourage additional legislation which reclaims Utahns' rightful liberties.

(4) Beware of partnerships with the Federal Government such as President Obama's newly announced Council of Governors.

(5) Resist the Federal Government’s furthering of unconstitutional practices through active disagreement; seek to re-establish Utah's 10th Amendment powers.

(6) Ask the State Legislature to write a Federal Tax Escrow Account bill to provide a mechanism with which to sanction the Federal Government for unconstitutional statutes, actions, or regulations.

Governor Herbert, there has never been a time as crucial as now for Utah to lead in protecting the liberties of both Utahns, Americans, and indeed all people. Please use the power of your office to fight against tyrannical usurpation of local governing power and individual self-determination.

I thank you for your service as our governor and have confidence in your desires and abilities to address these important issues.

State Sovereignty Will Save the U.S. Constitution

Posted by Marty Jensen

Following is the text of an email sent to my Utah state representative, Brent Wallis, and my Utah state senator, Jon Greiner.

Representative Wallis and Senator Greiner,

I urge your wholehearted support for S.B. 11 Utah State-made Firearms Protection Act and/or other similar bills which re-state and reclaim the state sovereignty we have given up to the federal government.

The federal government is increasingly leading us into socialism and fascism. All three branches of government have colluded to concentrate power in the federal government at the expense of states' rights and the will of the people. The federal government has turned the Constitution on its head: rather than exercising only the limited powers granted it, the federal government now assumes unlimited power. Burdensome federal laws and regulations have robbed us of a good deal of our liberty. Federal officials routinely disregard or violate their oaths of office to "preserve, protect, and defend" the Constitution of the United States.

I assume you are well aware of the unconstitutional and tyrannical police state America is becoming. Our country is in a very precarious situation. Corruption in high places abounds. Many people, including those in high places, want to increase the power of the federal government. This can only mean a loss of liberty for "we the people." There are also those who would destroy the sovereignty of the United States and meld us into a world government. Should that happen, it will be the end of liberty not only for America but for other democratic nations as well.

I submit that the only way remaining to reclaim our country and return to the God-inspired republic our Founding Fathers established, is through a firm exercise of states' rights. Many states throughout the nation are doing precisely this. Of all states, given the history of persecution and repression suffered by Utah's pioneer founders, surely Utah should understand the vital role that Constitutional government plays in the preservation of our liberties.

Again, I urge you to take a firm stand against federal usurpation of the state powers affirmed in the 9th and 10th amendments to the United States' Constitution. Let Utah lead out in nullifying unconstitutional federal laws, edicts, and regulations. Utah can and must increasingly reassert its state sovereignty and push back against the federal government's tyranny. This is a struggle not only for the welfare of the people of Utah, but for liberty throughout the entire nation and indeed, the entire world.

I look forward to your replies.

Respectfully submitted, along with my gratitude and appreciation for your service to our state,

Marty W. Jensen
4655 Madison Ave.
South Ogden, Utah 84403

P.S. Aside from supporting a state-made firearms act, Utah should enter into reciprocal agreements with other like-minded states, allowing commerce to flow between states in defiance of the federal government's claim to regulate everything passing between state borders.