Success of Liberty - JFK

Posted by Marty Jensen

Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty. - - John F. Kennedy

A More Efficient Decision Maker - JFK

Posted by Marty Jensen


The free market is a decentralized regulator of our economic system. The free market is not only a more efficient decision maker than even the wisest central planning body, but even more important, the free market keeps economic power dispersed. -- John F. Kennedy

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Dear Representative Bishop,

Posted by Marty Jensen

NO! to an automaker bailout. It is simply untrue that the world will come to an end if the Big 3 don't get billions of dollars of taxpayer money--uh, money we don't have, but will borrow on their behalf and bequest to our children to repay.

No No No to this socialism. It doesn't work! Let the free market do its thing. If they've mismanaged or otherwise failed in business, let the chips fall where they may; the market will allocate resources to those who are most efficient. I don't buy this chicken-little scare tactic approach to a handout. The companies will not simply vanish without the money - they still have plants, inventories, etc., etc.

I am sick and tired of these socialist government giveaways. I didn't vote you back in to give my money away. Don't do it!

Regarding the financial "bailout" - giving my money to the financial sector makes me furious. The U.S. government buying up companies - tell me, please, how that squares with the Constitution - it doesn't. And know Congress is trying to somehow supervise the Treasury Department's use of the money they should never have been given. This is like trying to shut the gate after the cows are out.

The American people told Congress in no uncertain terms not to do the bailout- you and your colleagues received the largest grassroots response to an issue in recent history. Thank you for responding.

Don't sell out our hard-won freedoms for security-I don't want it. Neither do the vast majority of Utahns.

Fight man, fight! Draw the line here and now. Refuse to support socialist legislation. Speak out against it. Remind your fellow representatives to stand by the Constitution and eschew socialism. We're behind you!

Marty Jensen

I Didn't Vote for Obama, but, . . .

Posted by Marty Jensen

I didn't vote for Barack H. Obama. However, he has won the election, and it is my duty as a citizen of the United States to support him--to the extent he honors and abides by the oath of office which he will take, which is:

"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

I am hopeful that President-elect Obama's term will be of great benefit to our nation. In particular, I hope that his election will positively influence blacks and other minority races, giving them encouragement to fully engage in the opportunities this nation affords each of us.

I recognize the personal sacrifices which President-elect Obama and his family have made and will make. I am grateful for them. I pray for them. I hope that all Americans will rally around our new President and help him as he guides our nation. May he do so in a sound Constitutionally-based manner.

The Two-Party Farce

Posted by Marty Jensen

Neither of the two main candidates, Obama or McCain, are faithful to constitutional principles. A recent example is shown in their complicity in the bailout debacle, which a clear violation of constitutional principles and a blatant disregard for the protestations of the American people. The current offering of candidates by the two major parties does not offer us a candidate who will in deed, not just in word, honor the Oath of Office of the President of the United States. Voting for either of the lesser of two evils is acquiescence to the two-party monopoly and their disregard for the Constitution.

This view is supported by David Heleniak in a Mises Daily Article posted November 3, 2008, entitled "Mock the Vote,":


Jesse Ventura, when he's not talking about 9-11, makes a lot of sense. Describing the two party system to Larry King, he said,

[W]hat you have today is like walking into the grocery store and you go to the soft drink department, and there is only Pepsi and Coke. Those are the two you get to choose from. There is no Mountain Dew, no Root Beer, no Orange. They're both Colas; one is slightly sweeter than the other, depending on which side of the aisle you are on.

In an interview with Newsmax, he described politicians in the two party system as pro wrestlers.

In pro wrestling, out in front of the people, we make it look like we all hate each other and want to beat the crap out of each other, and that's how we get your money, [and get you to] come down and buy tickets. They're the same thing. Out in front of the public and the cameras, they hate each other, are going to beat the crap out of each other, but behind the scenes they're all going to dinner, cutting deals. And [they're] doing what we did, too — laughing all the way to the bank. And that to me is what you have today, in today's political world, with these two parties.

Jesse's right. Our political system is a farce. This year, we have running for president a warmonger who's a reluctant socialist versus a socialist who's a reluctant warmonger. We have two parties that claim they're different, but when the Establishment, the Complex, our shadowy overlords, whatever you want to call them, really want something, they get it. When the Establishment wanted the Bailout in the face of almost universal grassroots opposition, they got it. When the Complex wanted immunity to the telecoms who knowingly spied on Americans, they got it. When our shadowy overlords wanted stormtroopers to brutally stifle protesters during the party conventions, they got it.

[End quote]

We have strayed far too far from the protection of the Constitution. Power is increasingly being concentrated in the Federal government through both major party's disregard for the Constitution. As Constitutionally unauthorized usurpations of power continue, the power of "We The People" to safeguard our liberties from tyrannical government is diminished.