Dear Representative Bishop,

Posted by Marty Jensen

NO! to an automaker bailout. It is simply untrue that the world will come to an end if the Big 3 don't get billions of dollars of taxpayer money--uh, money we don't have, but will borrow on their behalf and bequest to our children to repay.

No No No to this socialism. It doesn't work! Let the free market do its thing. If they've mismanaged or otherwise failed in business, let the chips fall where they may; the market will allocate resources to those who are most efficient. I don't buy this chicken-little scare tactic approach to a handout. The companies will not simply vanish without the money - they still have plants, inventories, etc., etc.

I am sick and tired of these socialist government giveaways. I didn't vote you back in to give my money away. Don't do it!

Regarding the financial "bailout" - giving my money to the financial sector makes me furious. The U.S. government buying up companies - tell me, please, how that squares with the Constitution - it doesn't. And know Congress is trying to somehow supervise the Treasury Department's use of the money they should never have been given. This is like trying to shut the gate after the cows are out.

The American people told Congress in no uncertain terms not to do the bailout- you and your colleagues received the largest grassroots response to an issue in recent history. Thank you for responding.

Don't sell out our hard-won freedoms for security-I don't want it. Neither do the vast majority of Utahns.

Fight man, fight! Draw the line here and now. Refuse to support socialist legislation. Speak out against it. Remind your fellow representatives to stand by the Constitution and eschew socialism. We're behind you!

Marty Jensen

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