Utah: Stand with Arizona on Illegal Alien Law

Posted by Marty Jensen

The following is an email I sent to Utah legislators May 22, 2010.


Dear Representative Greiner,

The State of Utah should join with the State of Arizona in adopting laws which will enforce immigration laws which are not being enforced by the Federal government.

Recently, the State of Arizona passed SB 1070 the “Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act,” a law to adopt enforcement of Federal immigration laws within the state of Arizona. I support Arizona in this law and believe that Utah should enact similar legislation. It provides law enforcement with the ability to follow through in a logical manner when they encounter illegal aliens in the normal course of their police work. The essence of the law is that such persons will be detained and transported to the custody of the United State Immigration and Customs Enforcement or the United States Customs and Border Protection. The law also addresses human trafficking and drugs. The law further provides procedures and penalties to employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens. I have attached a copy of the Arizona law for your review.

As reported in the Deseret News on May13, 2010, a majority of Utahans polled support the Arizona law and would back similar laws. While Utah currently has immigration enforcement laws, these laws could be strengthened. According to Ufire.net, compliance with SB 81 has been abysmally low: a majority of Utah public employers such as school districts are ignoring the law. The same source reports that only 2% of Utah employers use the E-verify system. Utah must enforce its laws.

Since the Federal government has failed to adequately enforce immigration laws and stem the flow of illegal aliens from Mexico into Arizona and the United States, Arizona has been forced to act. Utah must stand with Arizona and other states in holding the Federal government responsible for the discharge of its duties. Utah must stand with Arizona and other states in resisting abuses of power by the Federal government. The rights of the states and of the people have been progressively trampled upon by the Federal government; unity with Arizona will send the right message to Washington, which is the State of Utah stands for the Constitutional rights of the states and the people. The State of Utah stands against encroachments of Federal abuses on the State and its people.

As my representative, I urge you to continue to lead out in this vital matter, as you did so with SB 81. Sponsor a similar bill or resolution putting the nation on notice that we stand with Arizona.

Thank you,

Marty Jensen

Note to readers: here is a link to Arizona's new illegal alien law.