Will Hatch Get the Boot? (Bennett Did)

Posted by Marty Jensen

My recent email to Senator Orrin Hatch:

June 2, 2011

Senator Hatch,

Sir, with some small hope remaining I write to you for what may be the last time. I believe you to be a man of conviction, courage, and experience—and this gives me hope that you will recognize the perils and requirements of our day and rise to meet them with your considerable ability.

I appeal to you with the same plea I made to Senator Bennett on April 19, 2010. Sadly, Senator Bennett would not or could not respond as our perilous times require, and the people recognized that. I and many others could not continue to support him. I am genuinely sorry that after a lifetime of accomplishment Senator Bennett lost the opportunity to emerge as one of the foremost patriots of our day. I hope that you will follow a different path than the one he chose.

From my letter to (then) Senator Bennett:

“I have written you before and I have had dialog with you in open public meetings. I have begged you--yes, begged you--to take the principled positions which would allow and encourage me to support you. I have told you that I want you to be my man in Washington. Specifically, if and when you take an uncompromising, principled, and outspoken position on constitutional principles, I am with you, and I believe a majority of Utahns will join us.

Without a revolutionary about-face, I will no longer be supporting Senator Bennett. This is a time in history for a bold, unconventional and unprecedented restoration of constitutional principles. This is a time to break with the Washington pack and join with Utahns in demanding a constitutional restoration. I urge you with all the force I have to be the James Madison or Thomas Jefferson of our day! Your whole life has led you to this opportunity and you have a choice: be just another player in the tired old bi-partisan band, or go down in history as a principal star in the constitutional fight of our generation. If you truly change and become the constitutional champion of the people of Utah, you will have the support of an awakened, energetic constituency. The Mike Lees and Cheryl Eagers of the campaign will have nothing to offer! You will have excited grass-roots support with cheering supporters at every town meeting you hold. The press won't know what to make of it; ‘Senator Bennett arrives home to hundreds of cheering constituents.’ Wouldn't it be great to have town meetings where you received standing ovations instead of spending two hours defending yourself?

This is your time, Senator, and I pray to our Heavenly Father that you will seize this day and join with "we the people" in our fight to restore the Constitution and its righteous principles. Your immediate, vigorous, passionate, and genuine embrace of constitutional principles above all else will mark the day that Robert Bennett's name was added to the list of the outstanding patriots of the United States of America.’

Senator Hatch, you may feel that you are a staunch defender of the Constitution—in fact, your web site states that you are. Yet you are not because you have allowed to go unchallenged usurpations and concentrations of powers which the Founders clearly intended to prevent, to be taken by the Executive Branch. As an example, I cite your agreement with allowing the President to wage undeclared war in Libya. Perhaps you feel that technically the War Powers Act allows the President to start wars and continue them for 60 days. While I recognize the legitimacy of granting the President use of the military in protecting our nation when attacked, there is no moral or Constitutional justification in waging offensive wars without a Congressional declaration of war. Even declaring a world-wide war on terror does not justify abandoning the Constitution and its principles. If you disagree with me, there is a very broad disconnect between your values and mine-and many of the people I associate with.

I will end this letter in the same manner as I did my letter to Senator Bennett:

“In closing, God bless you and your family. You have made a tremendous effort and sacrifice for our nation. I believe wholeheartedly that you are a good man, and I respect you. In the upcoming weeks, I will monitor your public announcements in the hopes of a profound and revolutionary transformation of the politician to patriot. I do not want to join forces with another candidate, but if you don't hear again from me, it will be because I've done all I can to sway you. I will be supporting the candidate who most strictly honors the oath of office to ‘support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.’”

Thank you,

Marty W. Jensen