Dear Senator Hatch

Posted by Marty Jensen

The following is an email written to Senator Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, by a constituent, in response to the Senator's vote on the Senate Bailout Bill:

Senator Hatch,

I am deeply disappointed that you voted "yes" to the bailout bill passed by the Senate. While recognizing the Constitutional power granted to the Federal government to regulate commerce, I recognize no Constitutional provision granting the Federal government the power to engage in commerce. Further, I am troubled by the spector of an increased concentration of power in the Executive Branch, which will surely accompany this Bill, should it be passed by the House, in the form of regulations and expanded authority. This bill confers powers which do not square with the checked, balanced, and limited powers advocated by the Founding Fathers.

It is possible that the bailout bill may restore stability and liquidity to the markets. Americans may experience some measure of protection in the short run. Yet this shifting of current debt to the future will ultimately cost Americans more due to interest; a portion of that cost will of course be obscured from many Americans under the walnut shell of inflation--the "invisible tax." Yet this debt represents a cost which must ultimately be borne by Americans.

Even if this bill succeeds in stabilizing the markets and "fixing" the current crises, the price is too dear. This bill may yield security and prosperity, but a true American loves liberty above comfort or ease, and will not yield his freedom for security or prosperity.

I thank God that I was born in this choice and blessed land of freedom--a precious freedom which was won by the sacrifice and blood of our nation's Founders. If my portfolio is secured or my fortune enlarged in exchange for any measure of that freedom which was secured by the sacrifice and blood of the Founding Fathers, it is to me tainted money.

I agree with you that "adhering strictly to the Constitution and the system of government our Founders outlined is the best guarantee of the freedoms we cherish as Americans." I strongly agree with you that "it is the duty of every American to uphold those freedoms." I most fervently agree with you that "We need legislators, judges, and citizens who understand the view of the Constitution envisioned by our Founding Fathers."

Responding to the Constitutional principles you have championed, and to the duty to which you have called me as an American, I ask you: Does this bill "adhere strictly to the Constitution and the system of government our Founders outlined?" I cannot see that it does. Is this legislation framed with "the view of the Constitution envisioned by our Founding Fathers?" I cannot see that it is.

I ask God to inspire you and other leaders to remain true to the Constitutional principles you are sworn to uphold. I take comfort in your declaration, "I consider my pledge to defend the Constitution, and all that it stands for, to be among my most sacred duties."

Respectfully yours,

Marty W. Jensen

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