Stand With Rep. Wimmer in Utah

Posted by Marty Jensen

The following is a copy of the email I sent to my Utah state legislators. I encourage all Utahns to support the efforts of Representative Carl Wimmer in defending our liberties.
Representative Pitcher,

Please stand with Rep. Wimmer in principle and action in being a staunch and active defender of our liberties, against the increasing tyranny of the Federal government. Following is a copy of the email I sent to Rep. Wimmer. I hope you feel as I do, for we are most surely in perilous times, and this is no time to by shy in our defense of our liberties.

Representative Wimmer,

I read the following statement, which was attributed to you by the Utah Valley Daily Herald:

"The absolute overbearing audacity of the federal government in threatening Texas while Texas is trying to protect their citizens should really offend any red-blooded American."

I agree with you completely. The Federal government is increasingly disregarding its Constitutionally defined duties and restrictions, the result of which is a encroachment on the liberties of the citizens of this nation. The TSA has gone far beyond the reasonable conduct of it's mission, and I fear the spread of Federal government thuggery beyond airport security. I do not want to live in a police state, and I believe that airline travel may be only marginally safer as a result of the TSA. Rather, arm every passenger on board every flight and see how far a hijacker gets. Stripping citizens of their civil liberties will not make them safer.

I applaud and support your introduction of a bill to restrict the TSA's activities. Please continue your courageous leadership in opposing Federal usurpation of states' powers. Please continue to safeguard our liberties on all fronts.

Thank you for all you do,

Marty W. Jensen


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