The wizard to be revealed: HR1207 and S604

Posted by Marty Jensen

Hi there,

Please write your senators and congressmen/women and ask them to support HR1207 (House of Representatives) and/or S604 (Senate), bills to require disclosures by the Federal Reserve System.

As you are probably aware, the secretive Federal Reserve Bank (a misnomer) exercises tremendous control over our nation's money supply - and thus inflation - and thus our economy.

We have only a limited knowledge of what this organization is doing. This organization is basically a central banking cartel which is privately owned and answers to no one. It is NOT controlled or owned by the government, as it's purposely deceptive name ("Federal") might indicate. The banking committees in Congress do call upon the Fed and grill them with questions, but the fact remains that the Fed gives Congress as much or as little information as it wants to.

The Fed prints and creates money out of thin air - this is no secret. Recently, the balance sheet of the Fed has increased by nearly a trillion dollars - meaning it has printed or created a trillion more dollars of money. But we have almost no information about the transactions behind this money creation--where did it go? Since the Fed is not subject to audit, we have no idea where this money went. It is unacceptable that his organization continue its manipulation of money without accountability.

Many in America and in government have gone along with this preposterous situation for many decades - but recently many have called for more transparency - what is the Fed doing with the money it prints? Who does it go to? Well, the curtain is about to be pulled back on the Fed as was the curtain pulled back to reveal the mysterious and powerful wizard in the land of Oz. Legislation in both the House and Senate is calling for an audit of this private banking cartel which has control of our money.

Please contact your congressman or woman and your senator and express your desire that both the house bill HR1207 and the senate bill S604 be passed. We need to know what these central bankers are doing with our money. We need to audit the Fed and have answers about their activities.

Marty Jensen

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